With a population of more than 146 million people, Russia is the largest country in the world and is a market that grows at an average rate of 6% per year.

Expenses on food products represent about 22.7% of a middle-class family’s budget. And if we take into account all Russian consumers, the budget allocated to food products amounts to $27 billion per year. The demand for food products and other consumer-packaged goods is therefore definitely existent and is increasing at a significant rate on a yearly basis.

Consequently, Russia offers very appealing business opportunities to exporters of food produce as well as other consumer-packaged goods.


It is mandatory that exporters get all their goods certified for the purposes of customs clearance at the Russian border, and for further sales in Russia.

And to make sure that your goods cross the border without any delay, it is important to obtain in advance all the necessary certificates for the goods as well as any other documents that the State Regulation Authorities require for the imported goods.

In fact, the Russian Federation government has a precise list of products for which exporters need a mandatory certificate, or compliance with GOST R, or a Declaration of Conformity.

Our team is available to help you determine the certificate(s) required by the goods that you are importing into Russia and to answer all your questions!

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